Asoomii Jay


Global citizen


Who is Asoomii

Asoomii Jay, née Assma Galuta, is a Canadian Muslim public figure, cancer survivor and entrepreneur, who is known for her mental health advocacy & business coaching, for her humanitarian volunteer work in refugee camps around the world, and for her modeling and design work in the fashion industry.


She was nominated as the Worlds Most Influential Muslim Youth in 2016 by Kings College (London UK), as a Human Rights Defender by Amnesty in 2018, and is the creator of the Blind Trust Project which has sparked a global trend between 2015-2018, inspiring activists from around the world to follow in her footsteps and to speak up against social injustices through tolerance and a message of coexistence. She is also a member of the Global Peace Summit in her role as a Global Peace Ambassador.


She has studied Psychology and Religion at Carleton University in Canada's capital, is certified by the Canadian Coaches Federation for her private coaching, and is the co-founder of a global digital marketing agency and upcoming fashion brand.


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