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asoomii jay
asoomii jay
asoomii jay

Asoomii Jay uses her social media platform to speak up for the voiceless.
After witnessing war and surviving cancer, she decided to use her platform for activism.

Her activism revolves around raising awareness about Islamophobia, social injustices such as the middle east crisis, and is a mental health advocate, conducting workshops & speaking up about her own struggle with depression and anxiety. 

She has been named as a human rights defender by Amnesty International Chelmsford, UK, and nominated as the most influential Muslim youth of 2016 by Human Relief Mission Organization of King's College in London.


Her activism methods involve social media experiments, some of which resulted in global trends encouraging other activists from around the globe to follow in her footsteps recreating the projects in over 30 cities worldwide, street interviews to raise awareness about social injustices, and is regularly invited to events, galas and universities as a speaker to share her journey and encourage the youth to become social awareness citizens and to give back to the community.

As a Canadian who practices the Muslim faith, Asoomii Jay grew up in Canada made to feel like she was not welcome in her own home.

She has witnessed Islamophobia since 9/11 at the age of 11, including being attacked on the school bus, where out of fear, at times she felt compelled to hide her background for her safety, and on one incident bringing her birth certificate in to elementary school hoping to stop the bullying.

Those incidents encouraged her to become a "peacemaker" during her school years, which involves a student leadership program where the students would solve problems between others, provide ally ship and communication support, a passion which continued on into her adult years.

She has witnessed xenophobic bullying up until recently in 2013, where she was physically assaulted, received rape & death threats, simply for wearing the hijab, another factor which compelled her to use her existing modest fashion platform to speak up against Islamophobia, discuss media fear mongering tactics and its implications in society.

Not only were her personal experience factors of her activism, but she has also witnessed her friends become victims, being physically assaulted, and she took it upon herself to create social media experiments alongside Time Vision Productions, utilizing her university knowledge of psychology and religion, to show Canadians how Muslims are made to feel in their own country, to combat Islamophobia and to spread a message of coexistence.

You can further explore her projects, her interviews, or the organizations she was invited to speak to on this site. As well, you can watch her social media experiments on her Youtube channel.