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Updated: May 4, 2020

Why don’t we, as a community & individuals, implement what we seek?

The world will be a better place if we spoke to one another instead of about each other, don’t you agree?


When I used to do islamophobia activism I would insist that people directly interact with Muslims instead of believing what they hear on the media about them, I would encourage people to learn the Quran itself rather than listening to politicians opinions about Islam, because people are onlyafraid of the unknown, or hate what they don’t understand. Yet in the Muslim communities, we are still backwards in that same exact aspect. We ask the west to listen to us rather than speak about us, yet we don’t do the same towards one another.


I have always taken risks and experienced life myself despite being warned of stereotypes or to be careful from certain people because of rumours they’ve heard about others. I knew what it felt like to be misjudged or spoken badly about I guess, and so I never wanted anyone else to feel like that. And so I would take the initiative to get to know the person myself and interact with them directly rather than allowing a preconceived notion to taint my perception. & I only let their character and treatment towards me become my judgment of them. I always believed that’s how it should be, but unfortunately that’s not how real life works.


But why don’t we, as a community & individuals, implement what we seek?

If you hear rumours about someone, shut it down. If you hear someone is struggling, reach out directly. If someone speaks to you privately about an issue, communicate with them rather than humiliating them. In a world where there is so much pain and everyone has their own struggles, just be kind. Basically be the kind of person for others that you would need for yourself.❤️

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