Blind trust project

Asoomii organized this projext alongside Time Vision Productions, utilizing her university knowledge of psychology and religion, to show Canadians how Muslims are made to feel in their own country, to combat Islamophobia and to spread a message of coexistence.

BAN the hijab test

Following to the EU ban on wearing religious headscarves in the workplace and recent spike in Islamophobic hate crimes, Asoomii Jay plays devil's advocate and creates the "Ban The Hijab Project". Working alongside an actress wearing a hijab, she shows Islamophobes how their intolerance and ignorance is not welcome in a civilized society.

refugee crisis

She did this by interviewing Canadians on the streets of Toronto, asking them about the recent incident in global crisis (death of Aylan Kurdi), a famous photograph that surfaced of a baby Syrian boy washed on the shores of Turkey, and an incident many of which were not aware of. Her objective of this experiment was not only to shine a light on an injustice but to also encourage others to become socially aware citizens and help make a positive difference.

Injustice in Palestine

Asoomii Jay grew up in a Palestinian household, where she heard stories of her stepfather's family’s' struggles when they were exiled from their homes following the Nakba. This compelled her to join the BDS movement, to support the cause and stand in solidarity with Palestine After the 2014 bombing on 4 Palestinian boys playing football on the beach and were all kids, she felt compelled to raise awareness about this genocide.